How To Keep Your Hair Straight

Welcome to how to keep your hair straight. The home of the Keep Straight Solution. 

Do you struggle to keep your hair from curling and turning to frizz throughout the day? Here we have the answer for you in three simple steps. Just follow the keep straight rules below and you will never have to worry about your straight style going bad again.

The Keep Straight Solution

  • Step One: First and foremost, for the smoothest, sleekest, straightest hair you MUST use professional style ceramic plated flattening irons after pre-spaying your hair with the heat protector of your choice.
  • Step Two: The next step is to lightly spray your hair with hairspray and brush through to hold your style.
  • Step Three: Finally, for this step you really have to use your head. Avoid exposing your straightened hair to damp air at all costs. If you can’t avoid it – cover it. Cover your lovely hair with scarfs, umbrellas, hats, hoods. The options are up to you.

For years I have found myself battling with the ‘frizz’ but this Keep Straight Solution is the ultimate fail-safe plan to preserve your gorgeous straight style throughout the day.

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From the best, most popular hair irons to the latest heat protection and straightening products. If you want to find out all the latest tips and tricks for healthy looking, beautifully straight hair that you can create in the comfort of your own home you are in the right place!


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How To Keep Your Hair Straight

Women (and men) around the world have been straightening their hair for decades. In the olden days people with long enough hair used to literally straighten their hair with an iron! Thankfully things have come a long way since then and straightening your hair has never been easier.


Popular Methods Used For Hair Straightening;


Straightening irons

Also known as a hair straightener or styler. Thanks to modern technology and the use of ceramic plates, hair irons typically heat to 400 degrees making them extremely effective in straightening the most curly frizzy  hair. Leaving you with smooth frizz free locks thats lasts until your hair gets wet. Prolonged use does leave hair damaged therefore it is advisable to use heat protection products.


Blow drying

Slightly more difficult to achieve, depending on your hair type. It is possible to blow dry your hair straight. I find this method doesn’t leave your hair as smooth and shiny as straightening your hair with hair straighteners. The results often don’t seem to last as long however with a good hair straightening balm, a gorgeous straight look can still be achieved.


Chemically straightened

Also know as hair relaxing. This is a more permanent way to straighten your hair. This method should only be done by a professional. The chemicals used actually alter the structure of your hair therefore making it straight. This should usually last until your hair grows out.


Natural methods

There are several ways people say you can get straight hair naturally. These greatly depend on your hair type and the results vary. Look out for some future posts about these methods which I shall best testing and reviewing in the very near future.